Bike type : Road bikes

Base address : Aspendale shops on station street.

About us : New riders welcome we are friendly. Mostly middle age men out for a bit of fun. Don't let age fool you the oldest are the fittest. Varying levels. Usually stop for coffee.

Where we go : Frankston & beyond on Saturdays often up Overport, Humphries, Two Bays, Candian Bay and Olivers Hill & down to Safety Beach. Beach Road on Sundays this is meant to be a recovery ride but depends on the peloton we pick up. If we get a fast one we hold em til we drop and then re-gather as a group.

How fast we go : Most overall averages are 28-30km/hr.

How far we go : 60-80km sometimes we ride a bit longer

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Rides in the last 3 months