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Search for a group in your country by your postal code. Eg US zip code. To widen the search area enter a partial Zip code eg 45 instead of 45840. You can search for all groups or groups with future rides.

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Create or join a club

Search for a club in your country by your postal code. Eg US zip code. To widen the search area enter a partial Zip code eg 45 instead of 45840. A single club can have many groups with different riding levels.

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Who's in?

This is what its all about. Who is riding where & when. You have three choices in, out or maybe. Change your mind change from in to out and leave a note eg "its too wet". See these two demo's.

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  • Its really easy to manage groups.
  • Simple ride management for clubs
  • It is made for mobile.
  • Controlled ride creation for clubs
  • Impromptu ride creation for uncontrolled groups
  • Create groups in your own time zone so the ride list is live
  • Add ride notes. is about co-ordinating bike riders who most likely know each.

Whip you mobile out and press "Who's in" to get live up to date ride scheduling from your bike riding buddies or club.

Your group probably formed a long time ago and relies on sms's, phone calls, social media and so on to organise a ride.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to just look at a simple web page and see who is riding where and what has been organised.

Thanks to this is really simple.

Once set up you just press the Who's in menu button and see a ride schedule for one or more of your groups.

What can groups do

  • List many rides
  • Simple group about page
  • Can be public or private(invite only)
  • Allocate ride leaders
  • A rider can select in, out or maybe for a ride.
  • Change your ride status if things change.
  • Leave ride notes so others know what is going on.
  • Easy group managment.
  • Public groups get bigger.

What can groups do

A rider can create their own group or join an existing public group. A rider can join multiple groups

A group can be stand alone and not part of a club or it can be in a club

Create a simple profile for your group to attract similar riders. See the demo pages.

Impromptu rides can be added by all riders if allowed or restrict who can create rides for a controlled ride schedule.

A single rider can join one or more groups. A rider can create their own group and invite other riders. If a group is public it can be found by other riders.

Ride leaders can be allocated for each group and can be contacted by new riders. The ride leader details are kept private. The ride leader can post responses to the blog.

What can clubs do

  • Clubs can have many groups with many riders.
  • Club has total control of ride listings
  • Simple club page
  • Grade your groups
  • Easy link to each group page
  • Riders can join multiple groups
  • Club ride schedule listing all groups
  • Integrate with your own club page
  • Ride leader info is hidden

What can clubs do

Club management is very simple. Create a club, create groups that are graded, put links to groups on your own website, riders join their groups and then have a full live ride schedule at the press of a button

Ride creation can be tightly controlled for some groups and allow all riders to create rides for others.

Full ride schedule of all future club rides

The joining process for riders can be made very simple. On your own website create links that take the user directly to a join group page. All the rider then has to do is press the join group button

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