Group Riding

Co-ordinating clubs & groups

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Getting started

Getting started is easy. First you need to register then create a group and invite your riding partners to your group…

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For groups

Groups are the hub of riding. Its hard work without them. You can either create a new group or join and existing group…

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For clubs

Clubs have many groups. Keeping all these groups managed is hard work. Provide a snapshot to your whole club…

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Ride schedule

Visual is best. See you club ride schedule laid out for all groups months in advance. Follow who is joining which ride…

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What you can do

  • Know who is riding for any ride.
  • Create a ride in your area.
  • Find other riders in your area.
  • Select in, out or maybe for a ride.
  • Change your status if things change.
  • Leave notes so others know what is going on.
  • Public groups get bigger.
  • Easy group managment.

On the day once all who are in have arrived off you go and no one is left behind.

If it rains you can change to out and others know.

My groups

Press the Whos in button and get a consise view of the groups you are a member of. Easily find who else is in.

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Who's In?

This is what this service is all about. At a glance you can see who is riding, departure point & some notes.

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Things are far easier with It is good knowing who is turning up.

TBNRRC , Road rider

What I like is being able to add impromtu rides. Good for after work.

Dave , Road rider

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